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Who Are We?

When the word etiquette is mentioned, it’s immediately recognized as  an essential part of our lives. From corporate America to social events, there’s etiquette in everything!  That includes business from 9-to-5, networking after 5, VIP events and everything in between!

At ETC, we make sure that you don’t miss your moment to shine by teaching you how to skillfully integrate etiquette and networking skills into your every move!  Let us teach you how to finesse every professional and personal moment with class and style!

Teaching traditional etiquette and customer service practices with a modern and fresh approach, confidence building is our number one goal.

Etiquette Coaching & Tutoring for adults, children and teens can be conducted at conferences, small groups or private individual sessions that provide confidential and  convenient (we come to you) customized professional development trainings.

These fun and unique sessions are confidence builders and provide you, your child or group with the tools and skills necessary to polish up your business etiquette, social graces, tea & table manners, holiday & party etiquette, prom etiquette, interviewing skills, sportsmanship, weddings, and more.

We would forward to helping you become a confident professional!

Remember, there’s Etiquette In Everything!

Our Instructors

Elle Mosley
Urina Holt
Etiquette Instructor
Adranell Williams
Etiquette Instructor
Angela Rice
Etiquette Instructor
Mandee Bencomo
Etiquette Instructor

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