Customer Service Training

What will you learn?

Thank You And Please Come Again

Whether you work or own a business in the gaming industry, call center, lounge/bar, restaurant, or hotel, today’s customers are educated, articulate, expected outstanding customer service and are not afraid to demand it. Business people who entertain corporate clients for social occasions also have to possess high levels of customer service.

ETC will provide your staff with outstanding customer service skills that include, telephone etiquette, conflict resolution techniques, proper dress and effective communication skills all designed to help your staff excel in the area of customer service.  This training will help you find out why customers leave your business and never return, improve your staff’s performance, increase new hires’ first day on the job efficiency, increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

The Apprentice Project

Ever wish your new employees could arrive to their first day on the job ready to work and for you not to waste valuable time training them on routine procedures?

ETC will training and prepare your new hires to arrive to their first day of work ready to step right in with the veterans on your team and get the job done through our pre-employment training program called “The Apprentice Project”.

We will teach your new hires your company’s best practices right from your training manual and incorporate the latest trends in customer service industry in this ongoing program.